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The First Led Zeppelin “The Yardbirds” Concert

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It was September 7, 1968.  The location for this momentous concert was  the  Gladsaxe Teen Clubs, Egegård Skole in Denmark. Led Zeppelin’s first concert tour, but they were billed as The Yardbirds.  Even though Jimmy Page was the only “Yardbird” in the band. 

Why was this? According to Page, “We realised we were working under false pretences, the thing had gone quickly beyond where The Yardbirds had left off. We all agreed there was no point in retaining the New Yardbirds tag so when we got back from Scandinavia we decided to change the name [of the band]. It was a fresh beginning for us all.” 

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page Photo Jørgen Angel - from


Who knows for sure what the exact set list was, at this point, we can only make an educated guess. Here’s the “likely” set list: 

  • Train Kept A-Rollin’” (Bradshaw, Kay, Mann)
  • For Your Love” (Gouldman)
  • I Can’t Quit You Baby” (Dixon)
  • As Long As I Have You” (Mimms)
  • Dazed and Confused” (Page)
  • Communication Breakdown” (Bonham, John Paul Jones, Page)
  • You Shook Me” (Dixon, Lenoir)
  • White Summer“/”Black Mountain Side” (Page)
  • “Pat’s Delight” (Bonham)
  • Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” (Bredon, Page, Plant)
  • How Many More Times” (Bonham, Jones, Page)
  • In that first year Led Zeppelin performed 27 concerts.  If you want to check out more pictures from their first concert go to  Teen Clubs Gladsaxe. For a complete list of all Led Zeppelin’s Concerts go to Led


    Today in Zep History…

    Physical Graffiti By Led Zeppelin

    Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin

    It was today, on February 24, 1975,  that  Led Zeppelin released their double album Physical Graffiti.  If you’re counting that was 35 years ago, maybe you don’t wanna count. Let’s not. Instead let’s talk music, let’s talk Zeppelin, let’s talk about Physical Graffiti. Do we have a deal? Cool.

    Here are the stats on Physical Graffiti:

    • It was Led Zeppelin’s sixth album
    • The album went platinum 16 times
    • Recording sessions came to a halt when John Paul Jones considered leaving the band
    • The two five-story buildings photographed for the album cover are located at 96 and 98 St. Mark’s Place in New York City
    • It was the first album released on Swan Song Records, their own label
    • It was the 7th best selling album of the 70’s
    • This album is on VH1’s 100 Greatest Albums, was voted 70th best album of all time by Rolling Stone editors

    According to an excerpt from Jim Miller’s Rolling Stone review from March 27, 1975,  “In a virtual recapitulation of the group’s career, Physical Graffiti touches all the bases. There’s a blues (“In My Time of Dying”) and a cosmic-cum-heavy ballad (“In the Light”); there’s an acoustic interlude (“Bron-Y-Aur”) and lots of bludgeoning hard rock, still the band’s forte (“Houses of the Holy,” “The Wanton Song”); there are also hints of Bo Diddley (“Custard Pie”), Burt Bacharach (“Down by the Seaside”) and Kool and the Gang (“Trampled under Foot”). If nothing else, Physical Graffiti is a tour de force. ”


    Where’s Your Piece of Led Zeppelin History?

    September 24th, 1980 – a day that lives in infamy for many Led Zeppelin fans. It was a day when Chicago radio stations announced that concert tickets for four November Led Zeppelin shows would go on sale the following morning. As this was their first U.S. tour since 1977, fans jumped at the opportunity to see one of rock and roll’s greatest bands. But in order to see the shows, the concert tickets could only be purchased through a special order form that would be featured the next day in the Chicago Tribune.

    On the morning of the 25th, paper outlets were swarmed with fans eager for their chance to buy Led Zeppelin tickets. After all, these particular concert tickets were to be exclusively printed for this special concert series, and would surely become an important piece of Led Zeppelin memorabilia. However, an unexpected turn of events would extinguish the excitement that had surrounded the city. Fans soon got word that on the evening of September 24th Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham, suffered a sudden and tragic death. On the decision of remaining members Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, the concerts never happened, these historical pieces of Led Zeppelin memorabilia were never sold, and the Led Zeppelin era had come to its untimely end. The frenzy created by news of the Led Zeppelin tickets was gone as fast as it had come.


    Six years passed while the unused concert tickets sat in the now demolished Chicago Stadium, until Metro Pulse, Inc. acquired the entire quantity as music memorabilia. Today, the concert tickets are a vital piece of Led Zeppelin memorabilia. While their worth is well noted by music memorabilia experts, the real value comes from owning a true piece of rock and roll history.


    Led Zeppelin 30th Anniversary Skyline 4 ticket Main Floor set Framed only $199 and Free Shipping

    Led Zeppelin 30th Anniversary Skyline 4 ticket Main Floor set Framed only $199 and Free Shipping

    With nearly 30 years gone by since that fateful day, the anticipation surrounding the sale of the Led Zeppelin memorabilia is finally over. The remaining collector tickets are now available to rock memorabilia fanatics everywhere. The Led Zeppelin tickets can be acquired through Metro Pulse, Inc. and are available in various collector tickets editions. An important part of any music memorabilia collection, these Led Zeppelin tickets are each issued with a certificate of authenticity, are hand-signed and numbered limited editions, and are guaranteed – ensuring the integrity of your rock memorabilia compilation. The concert tickets are rare items and are considered a tribute to the legend and long history of Led Zeppelin and its members: Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham and John Paul Jones.

    An essential addition to any collection of Led Zeppelin memorabilia, these Led Zeppelin tickets are available right now. But as many people say, “History repeats itself.” Don’t let these tickets pass you by as quickly as they did for fans nearly three decades ago.



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