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Led Zeppelin gets “Covered” by Bilge

These days the song is not remaining the same, as many contemporary pop artists from Lady GaGa to Mary J Blige are covering Led Zeppelin songs.  Recently, Mary J Bilge told  MTV News that she too is  a Led Zeppelin fan.  On Bilge’s over-seas album, Stronger With Each Tear, she did not just one, but two Led Zeppelin songs, Stairway to Heaven and Whole Lotta Love.

According to Mary J Blige, “I am a Led Zeppelin fan. I’m not going to say I’ve been to their concerts, but I’ve listened to their music since I was a child, and it’s always moved me, especially ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ and ‘Whole Lotta Love’ is just fun.”

Here’s an in studio video of Bilge recording Stairway to Heaven

We’ll just have to wait and hear how Bilge tackles these iconic Led Zeppelin songs. What do you think? Is this blasphemy or it is brilliance?


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